august 3-8, 2020

sanford sports complex - sioux falls, sd

The Legend Hockey Development Program is a unique one-week pro-style position specific training program with guest coaches from the highest levels of the game. 

The number one goal of the Legend Hockey Development Program is player development.  Throughout the program, athletes participate in on-ice training from coaches and scouts at the highest levels of the game, learning from different coaching styles and receiving a unique opportunity to build relationships and connections with these coaches.  Players also participate in off-ice strength training, foot speed & agility workouts, and yoga.  They spend time in the classroom with coaches and speakers on topics like nutrition, leadership, pathways in hockey, and more.  

This invite only program attracts athletes looking to train with purpose and offers a unique atmosphere, where players enjoy camaraderie, competition, and are held to a higher standard in performance and attitude.  Players are set to train, thrive, and succeed.