Refund Policy

Legend Hockey Programs: 50% of program fee is non-refundable upon enrollment regardless of reason for cancellation. If programs are cancelled by Legend Sports Institute, LLC (dba Legend Hockey), they will be refunded in full. If programs are cancelled, but are rescheduled, fees will not be refunded. Program fee is non-refundable on or after first day of event.

Legend Hockey Elite Programs: Enrollment is open by invitation only. Spots are limited. Secure enrollment on a first come, first serve basis by registering online at www.legendhockeyelite.com. 50% of registration fee secures your spot. All payments are non-refundable. If payment is not received by the due date, your spot will be given to a player on the waiting list.

Release of Liability/Acknowledgement of Risk

Upon entering events sponsored by Legend Sports Institute, LLC, its affiliates, I agree to abide by the rules of the Legend Sports Institute, LLC and its affiliates. I understand and appreciate that participation in or observation of the sport of hockey constitutes a risk to of serious injury, including permanent paralysis or death. I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept and assume this risk and hold harmless Legend Sports Institute, LLC, all partnering entities, all employees, instructors, and volunteers for any claim whatsoever. I have read and agree with the above statements.

Medical Release

I do hereby voluntarily consent to such hospital and/or medical treatment encompassing diagnostic procedures, which may be necessary in the event my child incurs injury while participating in Legend Sports Institute, LLC and its affiliates' Programs. I also authorize Legend Sports Institute, LLC and/or its affiliates to proceed with obtaining whatever source of medical treatment they deem appropriate at the time of the incident.

Publicity/Image/Voice Permission

Legend Sports Institute, LLC normally takes photographs, video, and/or tape recording of our programs. During activities, a photograph or video/audio recording may be taken of you or your child. Unless you request otherwise, your electronic signature or initial will be considered permission for Legend Sports Institute, LLC to photograph, film, audio/video tape, record and/or televise your image and/or voice or the image and/or voice of your child for use in any publications or promotional materials, in any medium now known or developed in the future without any restrictions. If you object to Legend Sports Institute, LLC using you or your child's image or voice in this manner, please notify Legend Sports Institute, LLC headquarters at info@legendsi.com or 877-572-8285.


I am giving my permission for my child to be transported during an authorized Legend Sports Institute, LLC activity or event. I give my permission for my child to ride with any adult driver from Legend Sports Institute, LLC or the public transportation authority. I understand and agree, that in the event I am permitted to be a passenger in a vehicle while participating in a program of Legend Sports Institute, LLC, that responsibility is not assumed by Legend Sports Institute for accidents, injuries, claims, expenses, or costs of any kind resulting from my transportation in that vehicle.